Our 4 Most Common Laptop Repairs

Posted on | April 25, 2012 | Comments Off on Our 4 Most Common Laptop Repairs

Here at Bluefish Computer Services undertake a lot of Laptop Repairs in Chichester and the surrounding areas. Quite often it’s not as expensive and complicated as many people think. Here are 4 of the most common faults we fix:

Failed / Failing Laptop Hard Drives

This is the most common laptop fault we fix; the symptoms are often different and often similar to other problems so without correct testing it can be difficult to diagnose.  Sometimes the laptop boots fine but everything runs very slow.  Other times the boot device is not recognised when the laptop is powered on.  Sometimes the hard drive makes unusual and noticeable sounds such as ticking or grinding noises.

Once you suspect that your hard drive might be failing then you need to switch of the machine and get it checked over by an expert.  Trying to use a hard drive that is failing can often make things worse.  In a lot of cases it’s possible to recover important data from a failing hard drive without the need to send it away to an expensive data recovery firm.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Another bunch of very common faults we see are problems with the display on laptop screens, again the symptoms can be different.  A laptop screen that does not display anything or is very faint once the laptop is booted can be caused by the backlight in the screen failing or the inverter (small circuit board that controls the backlight) failing.

Often we see screens that display multi-coloured horizontal or vertical lines, have problems displaying certain colours, displaying pixelated images or flicker on and off when the laptop lid is moved.  These symptoms can be caused by a number of different reasons, such as the LCD cable being trapped or pinched, a faulty LCD, a bad GPU (graphics chip) on the motherboard etc.

We also repair a lot of cracked/broken screens, whether it’s been dropped, trodden on or sometimes just when the lid is closed with a lot of force.

The Blue Screen of Death

Not specific to just laptops but we often get laptops in that display a blue screen when first started or at random times when in normal use.  Quite often caused by a faulty RAM chip, it is possible to check yourself if you have a bad RAM chip by swapping it for a known good chip or by removing one chip at a time if you have more than one.  It can also be caused by installed software, drivers amongst other things.

Laptop Virus Infections

Again not a laptop specific problem but virus infections on laptops is one of the most common faults we fix.  Most of the time it’s fairly obvious when you are infected with a virus, you may be redirected to another website when trying to surf the Internet.  Quite often you are plagued by fake anti-virus pop-up messages telling you that there are problems.  You often are unable to install any programs and your documents and programs are missing from their normal locations.

If you are infected then you really should seek expert help as it’s quite often possible to permanently delete your data from the directories it’s been hidden in while trying to remove the infection yourself.

Should you need your laptop repairing, just need a quick quote or want to discuss your problem, please feel free to contact us.


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