Professional Data Recovery

We offer a prompt and efficient data recovery service.

  • Dropped / Dead Drive?
  • Clicking Hard Drive?
  • Deleted files?
  • Formatted Drive?
  • Broken USB Stick?
  • Unreadable CD/DVD?

We can help with these problems and much more!

We offer a no fix no fee policy and we provide a free initial assessment.  Once the hard drive has been examined we will be able to provide a list of recoverable files and a quote for the recovery.  If at this stage you choose not to go ahead with the recovery there is no charge and the drive can be returned.

Our recovery service uses Full Class 100 Cleanroom facilities.

Typical prices for recovery are:

1. Logical Failure: For example where the drive has been accidentally formatted but is physically OK.
Prices from £79

2. Media Issues: Where the drive has bad sectors making it unreadable by the normal Windows operating system.
Prices from £129

3. Electronic Failure: Where the circuit board (PCB) has failed.
Prices from £149

4. Firmware Failure: Where the firmware on the platter of the drive has become damaged or corrupted.
Prices from £195

5. Physical Failure: Where a motor or head has physically failed.
Prices from £295

The above are guide prices only, an exact price will be provided after examination.

Our aim is to recover as much of your data as possible at the best price without cutting corners.

To discuss your needs please contact us.