Getting a TP-Link router to work with NowTV Broadband

Getting a TP-Link router working with my NowTV broadband service wasn’t too difficult. There wasn’t too much information on how to do it so here is a quick guide. I found the router that shipped with my NowTV service to be poor. Not a great Wi-Fi signal, it didn’t play nicely with my VOIP service […]

Apple iMac Cracked Screen Repair & Fan Clean

One very unhealthy 27″ Apple iMac, badly cracked front glass and fans completely blocked with dust causing it to overheat and switch off.  Stripped the iMac down and removed the logic board to get to the fans, cleaned out both fans and vents. Re-assembled the iMac and replaced the front glass with new and it’s […]

The CryptoLocker Virus – What is it? How does it Spread? What can I do about it?

What is CryptoLocker? CryptoLocker is a ransomware virus; released in September 2013, the virus encrypts files such as Microsoft Office documents and pictures amongst many others, not only on your PC but any attached backup/USB drives.  When it’s finished encrypting your files, it displays a CryptoLocker payment program giving you a limited time period to […]

Support for Windows XP is to end in April 2014, what does this mean for you?

If you are still running Windows XP you need to be aware support ends on the 8th April 2014, this means Microsoft will no longer issue security patches, windows updates, software fixes or offer technical assistance. So what does this mean in non-technical terms? From that day you will no longer receive security updates leaving […]